ults♡ : Yeonjun from TXT; tbh I like all of TXT a lot, Hongjoong from Ateez; wrecker is San, Woosung from the Rose, Yedam from Treasure, Hwall former of The Boyz, Daehwi from AB6IX, Felix from SKZ; wrecker is Hyunjin and Chan tbh I like all of SKZ, OT7 for BTS,Wonho, Jooheon from Monsta X; wrecker is I.M., Mino from Winner; wrecker is Jinwoo, Jeonghan from SVT; wreckers are S.Coups, Hoshi and The8 tbh I like a lot of SVT, June from iKon; wrecker is Jay, B.I. former of iKon, Yuta from NCT; wreckers are Jaehyun, Haechan, Doyoung, Mark, Xiaojun, Taeyong, GD from BigBang, B.M. from Kard, Jackson Wang from GOT7 and more.

about me♡ : I like video games, fashion, art, kpop, kdramas, food, designing/decorating, foxes, cherry blossoms/sakura flowers, avatar games/communities/websites, dogs, animals, sanrio, plushes, squishies, nail design and I was born in 93'.

fave color♡ : purple/blue mostly purple , more on the lilac/lavender side. A lighter bluish purple.

fave anime♡ : Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, Pokémon ; favorite Pokémon is Primarina.